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Design Services Over 18 years of operational experience sets ZPQ Designs on a solid footing when it comes to design. We use COREL which is a widely available graphics arts package compatible with both Microsoft and Adobe. Some clients bring in ideas scribbled on the back of a napkin, others will have used their own design team and simply email over a print-ready file or bring in a pen drive. Others will use what skills they have, however basic or advanced, to get the artwork to a certain stage, then we take over. This enables the client more control over the final product and saves money on design. However we go about your job, it is always lead by you, the client. We can advise and help along the way and by working as a team with our clients we get great results. Logos, creation and re-draws Corporate identity update and creation Newspaper and magazine adverts Artwork-only for marketing companies Internal paperwork re-draws (get your old patchy photocopy clean and sharp again)